Licence Plates

License plates with security systems

Mazon b.v. has developed a system to meet the increased need for “fraud-resistant” license plates in which advanced security systems are extensively applied. By making use of the very latest technology it is possible to provide the plates with unique sequential inscriptions, watermarks, graphic illustrations and holograms in order to prevent falsification.

Our license plate production line has a very high output, enabling high-quality products to be manufactured in high volumes and with short lead times. An advanced “Vision-system” guarantees continuous high quality where each product is monitored by camera many times along the production line.
Since 1971, Mazon  has produced license plates for the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Costa Rica, Malta, India, Curacao, Ecuador and many other countries over the world. Due to experience gained in the past, the number of countries to which license plates are exported continues to rise.


Motorlicenseplate The Netherlands

Using HOT-STAMP technology to apply
characteristics of a country in every possible
colour onto the license plate.

To prevent fraude it is possible to apply
holografic images
onto a license plate .

Since 1971 Mazon produces license plates
for The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Costa Rica,
Malta, Curacao, Ecuador and many other
countries al over the world.

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