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ECE 70/01

ECE 69/01    

ECE 104

Rear markers

Slow moving vehicle





ECE markings, all officially tested by an accredited testing institute (Kema) and the Ministry of Transport & Works is an e-label awarded.
Example: E4 = inspected in NL.
This E-labels are internationally recognized.  


ECE 70/-01

Since the 90s, the ECE 70 signs progressively were introduced in Europe. The new Millennium has been an upgrade: ECE 70-01: this tightened the requirements. This Amendment 01 is already mandatory in some United Nations related countries such as Italy and France. ECE 70-01 gives two options: whether the signs are reflective and fluorescent (RF) or fully reflective (RR). These signs have the highest degree of reflection so far possible in the retro-reflective film technology. Mazon also has all the e-labels. This latest generation will have more uniformity and security concerns in Europe! 

The signs should be mounted on the back (also drawn vehicles).

Striped signs indicate that a motorized vehicle (truck), also known as "T" signs (from French: "Truck").
Framed signs indicate that a towed vehicle (trailer), also referred to "R" notices (from French: "Remorque").

The regulation is applicable for vehicles> 3.5 tonnes.

Mounting examples:


We can produce different sizes (within the standards of course) and if required with some holes for easy mounting.
Our production is almost totaly automated and our lamination machines have a very large capacity. 

Production Rear Markers


Mounting height:

At least 0.25 meters (bottom) of the ground. Up to 2.10 meters high (upper).

When we talk about ECE 70-01 we mean an micro prismatic foil.
There are little plastic reflectors instead of small glass beads used. The very special geometry of these reflectors is a reflection that achieved approximately 2 times as high as for a standard class 2 film (ECE 70).
A further advantage of this material is that it is much more robust than the glass bead material.

Reflection yellow class 2 ECE 70

Reflection yellow class 3 ECE 70-01



Benefits of Class 3 foill than Class 2 foil:  

- more resistant to cracks and shifts
- because of a metalized layer a closed cell structure: ie: Class 2 film has an open cell structure that can easily peel off, so it can attract dirt and moisture; Reflexite film knows this problem.
- more resistant to impact: Reflexite film retains reflection, while a Class 2 foil damaged and no longer reflects
- longer life and better resistance to high pressure cleaning
- reflection is much higher and clearly visible at night


ECE 69/-01

Here is essentially the same as in the ECE 70/-01 signs.
The signs have a combination of a red fluorescent film and a red foil border of Class 2. ECE 69-01 gives two options: whether the signs are reflective and fluorescent (RF) or fully reflective (RR).

For the agricultural market it is very important that "visability" is the best prevention for accidents. Especially in spring and autumn there is much activity in agriculture. Farmers are until late evening busy, mostly on unenlightened roads. Agriculture vehicles equipped with retro reflective signs will be quickly recognized by other road users.

Mazon is in an leading position on the European market for alraedy a long time with SMV signs and stickers for long and excellent load and maximum speed stickers.

Besides the standard signs Mazon also delivers products to customer specifications.

The SMV sign should be mounted at the rear (same supporters in vehicles).

Mounting height:
At least 0.25 meters (bottom) of the ground. Up to 1.5 meters high (upper).

Should the sign be completely assembled right?
The board may in its axis slightly inclined backward (up to 15 degrees from the vertical axis and max 30 degrees from the horizontal axis).

Visibility sign:
In special cases (eg for construction of the vehicle) is allowed up to 10% of the sign is covered (as may be eg a piece of the vehicle just before the sign protrude).

Mazon board:

Mazon produces the standard plate with 2 covered holes, these holes can be used to fix the plate at the vehicle. According to the legislative assembly as easy as possible, we provide them the matching brackets (which the sign can be screwed).

Furthermore, we also provide the support that can be mounted on the vehicle; the SMV sign (mounted on the bracket) can easily be placed in the support, which clamps down afterwards.



ECE 104

After years of publications, promotions and innovative projects, the contour marking in recent years its legal way into Europe.

In 2009 it is obligatory in Europe (via ECE Regulation No. 48) for trucks heavier than 7.5 tonnes and more than 6 meter. This applies actually for 3 types vehicles: lorries with fixed bucket, trucks with a (loose) trailer or a combination thereof.

* Prevents accidents
* Increases the safety of the driver
* Easy to apply
* Strong resistance to high pressure cleaning
* Resistant to most chemicals
* Highest clarity
* Improves the company image
At the rear side reflective foil must pasted at all sides with yellow or red contour marking.
On side only the bottom side and the upper corners must be pasted with yellow or white contour marking foil.
At least 80% of total length & width should be pasted.


Mounting height:

At least 0.25 meters (bottom) of the ground.
Up to 1.5 meters high (upper) to the bottom line marking.

The distance between the contour marking and brake lights must be at least 20 cm.
This applies to the contour / line as part markings.

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