ADR   = Accord pour européen relatif au transport international
des marchandises Dangereuses par la Route

This Regulation of the United Nations, lays down specific guidelines for hazardeous transports, because a.o., the ADR signs remain visible under any kind of condition, as to guarantee the roadsafety !

Besides ADR accessoiries  like digitsets, plateholders and placards, Mazon supplies a complete codingsystem of ADR  signs, being: interchangeable signs, 2-in1-signs for petrol/diesel transports and single codesigns.       

Mazon has a patented program of ADR signs with a digits,  pressjoined onto a baseplate:
-  30 minutes fireresistance
- contrast pf the baseplate and the digits, even during and after a fire !
Both these pressjoined codingssigns, as well as our interchangeable ADR signs have recently been tested by the TüV, as to show our signs meet all requirements of the Regulation and especially the requirement of newly inserted  requirement in  §. !
Mazon also produces plateholders conform this §. with a special security- or lockingclip; in that way, the codesign stays in place and can not slip out in case the vehicle gets upside down or rolls over in case of an accident ..

Mazon TüV rapporten:  nr. 203.003.08 / nr. 203.005.08

Production ADR signs

Security-/locking clip plateholders

Explanation hazard-classes :

The hazardidentificationnumber exists of 2 or 3 numbers and the first number indicates the main hazard.  The character X can be listed, preceding the number as to indicate the hazard and avoid any contact with water. When the two first numbers are the same, it means an elevation of the main hazard.  When a substance only has one hazard without any extra hazard, then the number “0” is used as the second number. Number “1” is not used in the hazardidentificationnumber. 

  1. No circumstanzial hazard
2 Release of gas due to pressure or a chemical reaction
3 Flammable liquid, susceptable for selfincinneration or flammable gas (2nd nr)
4 Flammable solid substance, susceptable for selfincinneration
5 Oxidyzing reaction
6 Poisonous or infectionhazzard
7 Radioactivity
8 Acid substance
9 as 1st number: environmentally hazardeous substance, various hazards
as 2nd number: beware of sponteaneous violate reaction

Mazon codesigns ........

...... after a fire:

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