ADR Combisign

For the transport of hazchem goods, a proper but also practical and durable system is desirable. 
There are many different markerboardsystems  in the market and we would like to show you ours: 

We have a light compact system which can be “read” like a book and that can be mounted easily by use of the depthened mountingholes in the baseplate.
No need to use any separate parts or to slide / turn something outside of the baseplate.
Multiple systems can be used if you want to combine different symbols.
The system is 250x250mm.

The weight is no more than 0,65 kg, is made of special alloy (styled look) and there are no loose parts. 
The baseplate has 4 holes as to easily mount it in the direction you prefer, either leftsided or rightsided.
Basis is a  system with 6 labels: cl.3/cl.5.1/cl.6.1/cl.8/cl.9/fish-tree.
An additional system with common used labels then contains:  cl.4.1/ LQ/Fish- tree/Thermometer.
If so desired, we can of course mount the labels as you prefer them to be ! 

Gefahrgut Wechselsystem Kompakt, Alu, 250x250mm bis 6 Zettel integriert
- Mit Grundplatte (und Montagelöchern)
- 250x250mm eloxiertes Aluminium
- Basis: System mit 6 Zetteln:  kl.3/kl.5.1/kl.6.1/kl.8/kl.9/Fisch-Baum
- Zusatzsystem mit 4 Zetteln:  Thermometer, LQ, kl.4.1/Fisch-Baum
- Gewicht max.  0,65 KG
- Wechselbar wie ein Buch: keine separate Teile und keine Bewegungen 
   ausserhalb des Schildes
- Lieferbar mit Zetteln nach Wünsch !

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